About Us


Nurture Body + Being Spa

At Nurture Body & Being, we have created a space to allow your body to surrender, to heal and rejuvenate. We understand that the way you live, your emotions, internal health and other external factors have a great impact on your general health & wellbeing. Your body (particularly the skin) is a great marker of how you have been living, right down to a cellular level.

Whilst our treatments and services are designed to improve the health of your skin, we are not the standalone answer to your skin complaints. We encourage our clients to take responsibility for their skin care with a loving home skin care regime.

Our science, therapies, products and education support your skin, your health, and encourage a deeper relationship with your own beauty and confidence.


Meet The Experts

Angie Billsborough

Director/Senior Therapist

Angie Billsborough is an expert Skin Therapist who brings a depth of wisdom to skin care and treatments. She has been in the industry for over 13 years, and specialises in a range of modalities for real skin solutions.

Angie provides a nurturing experience to support clients with healing and rejuvenating their skin on a cellular level. She supports clients to feel their beauty and develop their personal relationship with this.

After working in the allied health field, Angie could see that what was happening internally was affecting the skin and the outward appearance, which gave rise to her interest in studying beauty therapy.

Emily Muntelwit

Beauty / Aromatherapy

Emily Muntelwit is a qualified Aromatherapist, offering outstanding body treatments and massage. Her gentle touch has helped many a stressed body to achieve a level of deep rest and equilibrium. Emily also offers Beauty Treatments and Skin Therapy.

She is also our Practice Manager and the woman behind the spa. Her expert guidance in all things business keeps Nurture Body & Being Spa running smoothly.