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Are You Using the Right Cleanser for Your Skin?

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Cleansers come in many forms and you should use them twice a day.

Avoid a cleanser that will strip, sensitise or remove the acid mantle of the skin (its protective barrier). This can leave this delicate super protective organ open to Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), infection, and sensitisation from external forces. In some cases, damage to the dermis (the lower layer in the skin) may occur with improper cleansing formulas.

We’ve created a basic guideline for you…

A good cleanser will deeply cleanse, protect the outer skin layer from invasion, leave your skin hydrated, and treat your particular skin condition.

Cleansers that rinse clean with water and are not too harsh are the best choices. Cleansers that are especially helpful are ones that are pH balanced to maintain the delicate acid mantle of the skin and protect against TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). It is also important to change cleanser as our skin changes, or as the season’s change (your skin therapist will assist you with this).

We do not recommend soap as it can leave a film on the skin and can be quite alkaline, causing dryness. Although it may be tempting to use a soap on very oily or acne skin to feel squeaky clean, we don’t recommend it as it encourages the oil glands to pump even more oil to combat the dryness.

With technological advances and more and more research into ingredients, there are many different styles of cleansers available for all skin types and conditions. The basic forms are gels, milks, and makeup removers.

Avoid Cleanser Confusement! Types of Cleansers… demystified

Your cleanser choice should be determined by your skin type or condition. From there, its a personal choice, as texture, smell and feel are all very important.

Gel Cleanser

For normal to oily skin, or for those with a predominantly oily and active T Zone, we recommend Dermaviduals Cleansing Gel.
This cleanser has mild but intense cleansing properties, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. Most importantly, this cleanser is non-drying or stripping for oily and blemished skin. Apply the gel in circular motions and rinse with water.

This gel cleanser can also be used as a summer cleanser if you find a cleansing milk is too heavy.

Cleansing Milk

Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk with DMS is the perfect solution for people with normal to lipid dry skin or for those who suffer from ecxema, dermatitis or redness. Its also a great winter cleanser when the skin reacts in cold conditions, or a very dry climate. Cleansing Milk removes dirt particles and make-up residues without negatively impacting the skin. The DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) is formulated to treat the skin and support the repair of damaged skin barriers at the same time as cleansing it!

Apply the cleansing milk in circular motions and either rinse with water or remove with a dampened cotton round or cleansing cloth without any further treatment.

Multi-Purpose Cleanser

If you would like a make-up remover (yes… one that even works on the ‘difficult-to-remove-makeup’), shaving foam, body wash and occasional shampoo solution rolled in to one – we’ve got you covered!
Dermaviduals Total Cleansing Cream is a multi-purpose cleanser that is perfect for all skin types. This cleanser is perfect for those travelling and looking for an all-in-one solution.

Massage the Total Cleansing Cream on to damp skin (use a cotton round for makeup removal) and add water. Rinse off with water after cleansing.

Bespoke Cleanser

Our Bespoke Cleanser is our absolute favourite cleanser! Your skin is unique, and we have the ability to design a cleanser especially suited to YOUR skin.
We take in to consideration your skin, your skin concerns, your lifestyle and your preferred texture for the perfect cleanse.

Cleansing Cloths

Whilst we highly recommend using single use items to remove makeup and for certain skin conditions, we have recently introduced super soft and gentle cleansing cloths designed to help you with your cleansing rituals.
These cloths are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, and do not cause damage to your skins barrier. However, it is very important to allow your cloth to dry completely between uses and to wash it regularly – best practice is to have a couple of cleansing cloths on rotation!

No matter what your skin type or condition, at Nurture Body & Being Spa, we will have a cleanser to suit you. Don’t be shy to ask for advice or to discuss your needs with us. We’re here to help.