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4 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Skin

During the winter season, our skin is exposed to the harsh and drying effects of the cold, windy weather, and dry, indoor air-conditioning, electric blankets and hot showers. When your skin is affected by these conditions, it needs extra care and attention. With exposure to damaging, dehydrating conditions, we can...
Health Holiday Skin


6 TIPS FOR HEALTHY HOLIDAY SKIN To support you at this crazy time known as Christmas, here are 6 top tips to get you through with Healthy Holiday Skin. 1. Sunscreen! A non-negotiable no-brainer for summer and healthy holiday skin. It should be a broad spectrum sunscreen, meaning it protects...
Are you cleansing for great skincare

How are you cleansing?

Two things are required when you cleanse: 1. A good quality cleanser. 2. Disposable cotton pads. With any cleansing activity, you should be using some sort of cloth to wipe away the residue. We strongly recommend the disposable round cotton pads, and have found Coles brand to be the cheapest...
How to get glowing winter skin

3 steps for glowing winter skin

I have loved the cool winter nights, being able to pull the covers up and sleep so comfortably. It’s the time to bring out the winter woollies and put the electric blanket on the bed. Although I rejoice with the cooler temperatures, my skin doesn’t really like the change. Please follow...
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