COVID19 Hand-San Hands

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Lets not forget about the part of our body that takes the most wear and tear – our hands!

They are a magnificent tool – opposable thumbs giving us dexterity, we eat with our hands, talk with our hands, we text with our hands, and carry out all sorts of activities with our hands.  But do we really appreciate them?  The answer is NO!  Or perhaps not until we can’t use them in the manner we need them to work!

They are possibly the most abused area on the body.

We need to love them up with as much attention as the skin on our face.

Although the skin on our hands is a lot thicker than our face, our hands have to deal with constant washing, exposure to the sun, occupational & recreational hazards such as harsh chemicals, rough physical work, gardening etc. as well as being exposed to all of the elements including cooler temperatures and wind.

With the current COVID-19 crisis, we are washing them much more than previously.  We are constantly being reminded to use sanitiser when we are out and about, then to wash them when we get home before touching anything else.  The 20 second long tune ‘Happy Birthday’ will be etched into the minds of many, all for the wrong reasons.

Our shopping trolleys are being wiped down with harsh anti-bacterial products, and the use of soap and drying hand sanitisers is playing havoc on our skin.

We think of all medical staff and therapists, and how much this added load is affecting their hands.

Most moisturising creams will give the hand a softer feeling, but if the product contains emulsifiers, there will be a wash out effect each time you wash.  The emulsifiers bind to the water and oil in the skin, then when you wash, both the emulsifier and the skins natural moisture is washed away leaving the skin feeling even dryer each time.

We have an awesome DMS Hand Cream (DMS = Derma Membrane Structure, meaning the product so closely resembles the lipid barrier in our skin), which soaks in immediately, leaving your skin feeling supple, smooth and well protected.  It contains no fragrance, so is ideal not only for home but for medical settings as well.  It is a rich, nourishing cream with a non-greasy finish that doesn’t leave a slippery residue.  It’s both regenerating and hydrating.

Your hands will love you for it!