How are you cleansing?

How are you cleansing?

Are you cleansing for great skincare

Two things are required when you cleanse:

1. A good quality cleanser.
2. Disposable cotton pads.

With any cleansing activity, you should be using some sort of cloth to wipe away the residue. We strongly recommend the disposable round cotton pads, and have found Coles brand to be the cheapest and softest option.

To get the best possible results for your skin, it is recommended to do a double cleanse of a night time.  If you really want to be technical, you could perform a triple cleanse, as it is very helpful to wipe away your make-up before you begin.

This is where a remover specifically for the delicate eye area is helpful. Algologie’s Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover Lotion is perfect for this job. It removes all traces of eye make-up and also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and soften the skin. Micellar Cleansing Water is also a great option – no need to rub, and it gently re-mineralises the skin with its seawater and seaweed extracts.

So, back to cleansing…  A double cleanse is the same principle as washing your hair… the first application removes styling product etc, the second application cleanses the scalp and follicles.

Our cleansers work in the same manner. The first cleanser application removes make-up residue, surface grime, pollutants and so on.

The second cleanser application is the one which really gets into the groove (so to speak). It cleanses the follicles of debris and secretions etc that contribute to blockages and free radicals which contribute to premature ageing.

It is equally important to cleanse in the morning. You only need a single cleanse here. During the night, your body is going through all of its repair processes and excretes toxic matter to the surface of the skin, which the bacteria just love to feed on. To maintain excellent skin health, a gentle cleanse helps to kick off the day.

Whether it’s morning or night, don’t just slap your cleanser on, rub it around for a second or two, then wash off, and expect it to do a good job. You are just wasting your time, product, and money!!

The best way to cleanse depends on the style of cleanser that you are using.

As a pre-cleanse cleanse: We recommend using FDM Cosmeceutical’s Gentle Cleansing Oil. It goes on as an oil and is great at removing oily secretions and also colour stay lipstick. You use one pump of the oil, apply to the face, and rub it around for at least 30 seconds. The oil will dissolve oils. Then add a small amount of water. This will form a milk, which gently removes any remaining make-up and residue. Work this around for another 30 seconds, then with damp cotton pads, gently wipe the product away.

Another wonderful pre-cleanser is Algologie’s Micellar Water. The microscopic Micelles act like a sponge, separating to engulf small particles, then lifting them away from the skin. This is great for waterproof mascara, as well as general make-up. It is also a great cleanser if you are feeling lazy, or to take away camping, as there is no need to wash off, making for a simplified personal care routine!

If you prefer to use a specific eye makeup remover, Algologie also produces a Bi-Phase Eye Makeup remover. This is a two-phased lotion which you shake to combine immediately before use. It is great for the removal of waterproof mascara (as well as colour stay eyeliner, and lipstick). Just give it a shake before applying to your make-up pad, then gently wipe the eye area. Use a separate pad for each eye.

Read more about using the right cleanser for your skin.

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