I’m a Skin Therapist working in the Beauty Industry

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As a skin therapist, I was recently stopped by a comment from a client saying that they were sceptical about trialling products as they have been sold so many trial packs, none of which turned out to be successful for their skin.

At first, I was taken aback but then pondered what was shared. It brought up a lot of questions for me, and it made me feel sad that the beauty industry as a whole has let many people down.

I still feel people’s judgment when asked what I do for a living. When they hear I’m in the beauty industry, it is sometimes met with a slight raise of the brow or a bit of a double-take. Someone of my, ahem, ‘maturity’ with lines around my lips, sagging of the jowls, thinning brows, and minimal makeup – couldn’t possibly be in the Beauty industry.

We’ve been sold a lot of lies, and fed many photo-shopped images and marketing hype that have created a picture around how Beauty should be. Many have bought into it. It’s a huge industry with an incredible marketing budget, and a lot of it by people chasing a feel-good, quick fix, masking their perceived flaws in hope of making themselves look so much more attractive. There is a lot of fluff and ‘non-sense’, and you can easily be sold a stack of un-truths!

I need to stress here that I have absolutely no problem with self-care, or feeling good about yourself. We love the way makeup can help make me look more refreshed (got to love the menopausal sleep patterns, not!). I use it in a way that honours me and don’t use it as a mask.

What does concern me is the way the industry markets to women (and men) of all ages, telling them that they need this cream or that peel. They need to mask their looks with transformational makeup. They need Botox and/or Fillers to be taken seriously in society or sold super invasive treatments that cost a bomb and promise the world.

This is where I fit in and belong in this industry….

  • I have a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.
  • Although I’m a beauty therapist I prefer to call myself a Skin Therapist, because that is what I love, and do best.
  • I am a Therapist of the Skin. So what does this mean and what have I studied?
    • 12 months at college learning about Skin; its function, its layers, it’s cells.
    • The study of Anatomy and Physiology
    • Cosmetic Chemistry
    • Nutrition
    • Bacteriology
    • Techniques of how to massage, wax and tint
    • How to perform facials and body treatments
    • How to incorporate electrical equipment into treatments
    • and Business and Counselling amongst other things.

This I chose to do as a mature student, as I felt the lack of integrity coming from within this industry. With experience, I have come to see that a lot of women want a quick fix, and expect miracles. They have put their trust into Consultants who are paid a commission on the products they upsell, and into someone who has the ‘gift’ of persuasion, the silver tongue when it comes to sales.

15 years on, I have attended hundreds of hours of advanced professional development with Skin and Nutrition education, and attended personal development courses to ensure my skills remain relevant and up to date, and that my clients have the best possible outcome for their skin and mental well being.

My daughter has also joined me in this industry. We both hold the same values.

We can’t work the way the beauty machine demands and are the first to admit it. At Nurture, Body & Being, we won’t lie and don’t push products. We also don’t sell products that we feel won’t contribute to the wellness or function of the skin. And to that, we have a strong foundation in the mechanics of the skin. This includes the relationship between gut health and the skin, and of stress and medications and how they play out in the skin as well.

As a skin therapist in the beauty industry, this is what we offer:

  • Bespoke treatments with deep therapeutic value, using our hands, and sometimes-other equipment.
  • Products that are a physiological match with the skin. Sometimes it’s a journey to get the skin functioning at its optimum potential, but with perseverance, it is possible.
  • We will never promise you something that’s not achievable.
  • A rejuvenating space to surrender to your treatment.
  • I’ll offer my presence, all of me when you are on my table.

Skin is an investment, not an expense. When you decide to invest in yourself, we are here to support you.