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MTS Home Rolling System for Collagen Induction Therapy at Home!

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Why should you use the MTS Rolling System for Collagen Induction Therapy at home?

Using your MTS Roller is a safe and convenient way to supercharge your skin in preparation for in-clinic Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Our MTS rollers are suitable for all skin types.

Before embarking on your journey, your MTS Home Rolling System will help to prepare your skin so it’s in excellent shape to respond to the CIT treatment. The end goal with CIT and Home Rolling is healthy skin.

As a stand-alone treatment, it encourages growth factors within the skin, stimulating the skin’s natural healing and repair capabilities. It is a great treatment to help lessen fine lines, and also helps to expel congestion from the skin. It can also help to combat dehydration within the skin due to the release of healing factors, which can help correct the way the skin is functioning.

There are protocols around the safe use and cleaning of your MTS Roller. This information will be supplied to you with the purchase of your Intensive CIT Treatment programme, or individual purchase of your MTS Roller.

How to know your needling device is the best quality for the health and safety of your skin?

Not all rollers are created equal. The MTS Rollers are a durable and high-quality tool.

MTS (Micro-needling Treatment System) Rollers are a home-use device that operates under the same principle as the Exceed CIT Device. Your MTS Roller is produced in a state-of-the-art facility with a patented manufacturing process. Each roller has its own serial number and case, so you are assured of high quality in manufacture and in use.  Beware of cheaper and imitation items!

Each roller has a unique quality-control serial number, so you are assured of the best possible quality device. The MTS rollers are also FDA registered as a Type 1 Supplementary Medical Instrument.

There are a lot of Rollers on the market, many of which don’t have the precision manufacturing that the MTS Rollers have. There have been reports of rollers with needles misaligned which can tear the skin, and also of the fine needles coming loose from the barrel of rollers, and lodging in the skin.

What effect will the MTS Home Rolling System have on my skin?

Your home roller is designed to target the cells in the Epidermis (the uppermost layer of the skin). It helps to regulate cell function. It does this by promoting an inflammatory response which then stimulates the body to release Growth Factors, and Cytokines (signaling molecules that help the cells communicate with each other.) The growth factors in the skin are called Epidermal Growth Factors. They signal to the stem cells in the base layer of the skin to reproduce. The cells produced are called Keratinocytes. The health of these cells is very much determined by the nutrients they have received, both topically and via foods or supplements, we have ingested. Great nutrition leads to luscious, juicy, grape-like cells which influence the density of the skin due to their volume.  Most importantly, this nutritional status dictates the response to any skin treatment.

The more we can encourage healthy cell communication, the better the health and appearance of the skin.  It will encourage even desquamation (lifting of the skin cells which are at the end of their cycle) leading to brighter skin, it will help to unblock and decongest pores, and to promote an even surface. It can even signal to the stem cells to re-populate, as well as help to restore the normal function of the Melanocytes (the pigment-producing cells).

As a side note, the Keratinocytes and Melanocytes work together as a unit.  We have approximately 1 Melanocyte to every 20 Keratinocytes.  If the Keratinocytes aren’t functioning well, the Melanocyte steps in to protect them.  They do this by producing more little parcels of pigment which they donate to Keratinocytes, acting like a little umbrella for the cell. Given the right (or in this case wrong) conditions, this process can go into overdrive.

How important is the MTS Roller in my home care routine?

The preparation of your skin will determine the outcome of your treatment.

You can’t go to the gym and expect to lift heavyweights. It’s the same with the skin. The better your prior preparation, the better the results will be.