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Skin Health Consultation & Skin Revelations

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What can a Skin Health Consultation reveal about your skin?

The impact of a number of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on your skin.

For example nutrition, stress, sleep, skincare products, skin care rituals, lifestyle and sun exposure directly affect your skin health.

Ascertain the amount of undamaged skin.

We can identify areas of skin that are not affected by pigmentation, dehydration, ageing and skin conditions.

Identify key areas of thin skin density and loss of structural integrity.

Skin density is closely associated with loss of collagen. Other factors closely linked with low skin density are vascular issues / damage and diffused redness in the skin.

Sebaceous secretions and flow rates reveal how free flowing or congested and sluggish the oil in your skin may be.

The presence of P acne bacteria can also be identified. We also assess the open and closed comedones.

Lipid dryness or Essential Fatty Acid deficiency in the Skin.

The skin contains a natural level of lipid (oil) in the protective barrier of the skin. It is essential to prevent TEWL and microorganisms entering a damaged protective barrier.
If you are lacking EFA’s your skin barrier and its functions may also be impaired.

Pigmentation (or loss of Pigmentation).

You can see the majority of pigmentation with the naked eye, and these will vary in shades of brown. When under the skin scanner, the depth of damage will become evident by the intensity of the colours. You cannot always see the effects of cumulative sun damage in the skin with the naked eye. Pigmentation from sun damage will often appear similar in colour, size and are often quite small.
Pigmentation can also occur through other causes such hormones, trauma to the skin or chemical causes on the skin.

When your treatments and skincare needs to be adjusted.

If your health, medications, hormones, diet, or when the weather / season changes it is important to review your skin health.
When having professional treatments and using correct skincare, your skin may improve or change and the treatments and products will in turn need to be adjusted.


The skin is an incredible and dynamic organ, skin assessments are important to undertake periodically to assess variations in the skin.


Skin Health Consultations play an important role in treating your skin, treatment planning and determining which skincare products will be suitable for you and address your concerns and achieve your skin goals. We can undertake a skin analysis during your appointment or as a stand alone in-depth consultation. Call us today to make an appointment.

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Please note that our Skin Assessments do not substitute professional medical advice. We do not diagnose any skin disease including skin cancer. If you have concerns about your skin always seek medical advice.